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David Polizzi
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Matthew Draper
Utah Valley University

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Peer Review Process


Manuscript Review Process:

At JTPCRIM we seek to make our process transparent. This process as outlined is aspirational, but the one we hope to follow as we review submitted manuscripts and make publication decisions.

  • JTPCRIM is published in February & August.
  • Given that JTPCRIM is a digital publication there is no specific deadline concerning the submission of manuscripts for possible publication. However, much like other journal publications, the actual duration for the peer review process cannot be guaranteed.
  • Upon receiving the manuscript, the editorial board will first review the article to determine its appropriateness for our publication and will then send the manuscript out for peer review. The specific theoretical focus of our journal, may determine that certain submissions are not appropriate and will be returned to the author(s). Our decision is based on philosophical & theoretical considerations and not at all meant to provide a decision on the quality of the manuscript presented by the author(s).
  • Special issues of the journal have been used in the past to invite a conversation between a variety of perspectives within the discipline.
  • All submissions will undergo a blind peer review process. Two reviewers will determine if the submission is publishable. If this process is not concluded in a reasonable time, the reviewers will be contacted and replaced if either is unable to complete the process.
  • If this process is not reasonably concluded, the editorial staff will make a determination on the status of the manuscript.
  • Once the process is complete, the author(s) will be informed of the peer review decision.
  • All authors are encouraged to contact the journal, if they have any questions concerning the status of their submission.







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