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David Polizzi
Indiana State University 

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Matthew Draper
Utah Valley University

Roger Schaefer
Central Washington University 

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Jennifer Grimes 
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About This Journal


The purpose of this journal is to help to further the conversation in the social sciences that also includes narratives or theoretical perspectives, often silenced or marginalized, given their failure to recognize essentialized assumptions about what the truth must be, or the methodological approach one must use to arrive at such conclusions.

Though we seek to situate this conversation within the context of criminology proper, we are not restricted to the limited parameters of that discourse; we therefore, clearly acknowledge and embrace the confluence of other disciplines within the social sciences. Included in this conversation is the desire to re-connect theory with practice, and to acknowledge that there is no theory without practice, and no practice without theory that is worthy of the name.

The discourses of criminology, criminal justice and offender treatment provide us to bring together scholars across diverse disciplines that informs the field in often-unacknowledged ways. This journal provides a venue for scholars in those fields, and invites to engage in a broader dialogue, among these traditionally disparate disciplines.





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