ISSN 2166-8094

February, 2017, Vol. 9(1)

What are the barriers to recovery perceived by people discharged from a medium-secure forensic mental health unit? An interpretative phenomenological analysis (1-31)

Simon R. Stuart, NHS Lanarkshire, Scotland
Louise Tansey, NHS Lothian, Scotland
Ethel Quayle, University of Edinburgh, Scotland


Dialogical nature of transferential processes: Tacit moral frameworks (32-47)
Kevin Glenn & Paul McComick, Utah Valley University  


The Roots of Danger: Violent Crime in Global Perspective
Elliot Currie
Keynotes in Criminology and Criminal Justice Series
Oxford University Press

Criminology and violence: Reflections on Elliott Currie’s The Roots of Danger (48-56)
Don Crewe, Leeds Becket University  

The Roots of Danger Elliott Currie Commentary (57-63)
Steve Hall, Tesside University, UK

Response to Crewe and Hall (64-67)
Elliott Currie, University of California, Irvine, and Queensland University of Technology

Social Structure and Sociobology: A Radical-Political Economic Reinterpretation
Michael J. Lynch, University of South Florida

Paul B. Stretesky, Northumbria University 











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