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                 VOL 13: Special Edition October, 2021 

A Criminology of Narrative Fiction
Rafe McGregor
Bristol University Press

A Synopsis: A Criminology of Narrative Fiction
Rafe McGregor, Edge Hill University                                          (92-98)

Fiction, Knowledge and Cinematic Realism 
Mario Slugan, Queen Mary, University of London                     (99-110) 

Fictional Realities and Criminology: Apprehending 
Social Reality Through Narrative Fiction     
Jon Frauley, University of Ottawa                                             (111-125)

Valuing Crime Fiction: Aesthetic Appreciation or
Criminological Data

Karen Simecek, University of Warwick                                     (126-135)

Reflections on A Criminology of Fiction by
Rafe McGregor

Rosalchen Whitecross, University of Sussex                            (136-147)

Response to Frauley, Simecek, Slugan and Whitecross   

Rafe McGregor, Edge Hill University                                         (148-157)





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