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Vol 11: August 2019

What is Realist about Ultra-Realist Criminology?  A Critical Appraisal of the Perspective, p.p. 95-114
Mark Wood, University of Melbourne

The Embracement of Risks: How to make sense of 'resilience' for safety and security management?, p.p. 115-132
Juul Gooren, The Hague University of Applied Sciences

A Qualitative Study of an Environmental Justice Fight in a Freedman Community:A Content Analysis of Sand Branch, Texas, p.p. 133-158

Paul D. Reynolds, University of North Texas at Dallas
Janiece Upshaw, University of North Texas at Dallas
Theodore Larson, University of North Texas at Dalllas

Integrating General Strain Theory and the Gender Strain Paradigm:
Initial Considerations, p.p. 159-186

Amanda L.C. Fontaine, University of New Hamsphire

The natural history of street-level criminality: Self-perceptions of "vincibility" and a persistant offender's motive for desistance (p.p. 187-204)
Joshua Ellsworth, Indiana University, Bloomington




Vol 11: July SPEC ED, 2019


                             Terrorism in the 21st Century

A Cosmopolitian response to the 'war on terror'
Shamila Ahmed, University of Westminster

"Cubs of the caliphate": ISIS speciticale of violence 
Weeda Mehran, Georgia State Univrersity







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